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Hitchner Exploration Services Limited (HESL) provides consulting services related to the exploration for oil and gas through analysis of digital well log data using the LOGMAP suite of well log analysis and mapping software.  HESL has been providing these services since August 1983.  HESL is now in the process of converting selected portions of the LOGMAP well log analysis package to run on the I-Pad and Mac environments.

John Hitchner, P.Eng. is president of Hitchner Exploration Services Limited.  As of August of 2019, John will have 46 years of industry experience, 36 of those as the president and principal consultant of Hitchner Exploration Services Limited.

HESL has broad experience with the analysis of well log data from all the basins in Canada, selected basins within the US and several countries throughout the world. See the HESL experience page for more details related to the countries and sedimentary basins HESL has worked in.  Select the Projects of Interest button to view brief descriptions of some of the projects HESL has been involved with over the past 36 years.


Hitchner Exploration Services Limited (HESL) will give our clients the benefit of its best judgment with regard to the interpretation of the digital well log and related geological data analyzed and discussed by HESL, but since all interpretations are opinions based on available data, HESL cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy or correctness of these interpretations.  HESL shall not be held liable or responsible for any loss, damage or expense whatsoever, incurred or sustained by our clients, its agents, assigns or affiliates resulting from HESL’s interpretation of the available data.


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