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I-Phone and I-Pad Games

I-Phone and I-Pad Games

With the slow down in the oil industry circa 2015-2016, Hitchner Exploration Services has decided to convert its existing well log analysis programs over to run in the new Swift language on the I-Phone, I-Pad and Mac environments.

One of the easiest ways to get familiar with a new programming language is through the development of games prior to tackling more complex well log analysis application programming.

Hitchner Exploration Services Limited has developed several games which were released mid July 2016.

The first game is called Lotto Shake Shake is meant for the I-Phone and was developed to provide a fun, entertaining and easy way to generate lottery draw numbers for some of the world's favourite lotteries.

The second game, which will be released the end of July 2016, is called Coming Up Roses and uses random number generation to provide lottery draw numbers for eight of the world's most popular lotteries based on numeric summation of the draw numbers.  The numbers provided all fall within one standard deviation of the most likely summations for the given draw style.

The third game, which will be released mid August 2016, is called I-Ching prophesy and uses simulated yarrow stick divination to provide yin-yang hexagrams which can be used for understanding current and potentially future life events.

Hitchner Exploration Services Limited is also working on an interactive technical book related to the interpretation of older Electrical well log data, a workbook related to Rwa methods and a textbook related to total well log analysis based on Hitchner Exploration Services Limited experiences over the past 46 years in the oil industry with 36 of those years in a consulting role.



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