The Well Log Analyst or Petrophysicist plays many roles within the integrated technological approach to the search and exploitation of hydrocarbon resources.

What questions do some of the main disciplines ask that the well log analyst or petrphysicist will most commonly provide answers to?

Consider the Geologist. 

     geological tops, depostional environments, lithology

Consider the Geophysicist.

     acoustic velocity contrast, synthetic seismograms, depositional environments for modeling

Consider the Reservoir Engineer. 

     reservoir continuity, porosity, water saturation, permeability, net pay, areal extent

Consider the Drilling Engineer.

     borehole conditions, pressures, fluids expected on drill stem testing 

Consider the Production Engineer. 

     new wells: pressures, cement bond, perforations/packers

     old wells: bypassed pay, fluid contacts, poor performance

Consider the Technological Application Development Team.

     how is the log data best handled and stored?, additional computer applications required based on new insights

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