Background: John Hitchner, P.Eng.

John Hitchner, P.Eng.


Hitchner Exploration Services Limited


John graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in 1973.  He has been a member of APEGGA since 1978 and is a member of the CWLS and the CSPG as well.


Upon graduating from McGill, John joined Schlumberger as a field engineer and worked in Estevan, SK., Brooks, AB., Edmonton, AB., and offshore Lake Erie, ON. 


From Schlumberger, John moved on to Imperial Oil Limited (subsequently Esso Resources Canada Ltd.) as a project engineer in their Services and Research group, where various aspects of digital well log analysis using, at that time state of the art minicomputers, were investigated. 


At Esso, John, even though his background was electrical engineering and computers, was placed in the two year training program that Esso gave to all new geologists at that time.  This provided John with a broad but detailed background in practical geology, geophysics (seismic) and reservoir engineering.


In 1979, John joined Norcen Energy Resources Ltd. where he was given, over the years, increasing levels of responsibility from Well Log Analyst to Exploration Supervisor International Frontier before leaving to form Hitchner Exploration Services Limited in 1983.


From 1984 to 1990, John was involved with a National Research Council Project (NRC) through Geona Enterprises Ltd., which attempted to develop computer programs that could use digital well log data to develop automated stratigraphy. The project used digital well log data from 18,000 wells through the heavy oil belt of Alberta and Saskatchewan.


In 1990, John starting consulting work with the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) in coal and coal bed methane research and extended the use of some of program subroutines developed from the automated stratigraphy project into the coal analysis and coal bed methane realm.  These subroutines were later extended to include analysis of digital well log data from conventional oil and gas wells.  The suite of programs that resulted is known as LOGMAP.


After 1990, John took over the maintenance of the LOGMAP suite of programs and has extended their scope far beyond basic well single well analysis into a fully functional multi-well statistical and mapping software package based primarily on digital well log and related geological and reservoir data with special attention made to the well log analysis correlation to the physical rock parameters.

 Currently, John, through Hitchner Exploration Services Limited, is responsible for providing state of the art computer assisted geological and advanced petrophysical analysis consulting services using the LOGMAP suite of computer programs.   


John can also provide programming applications in Swift, FORTRAN, Visual BASIC and AutoLISP and systems development related to the exploration and production of hydrocarbons as well as casual game development for the I-Phone or I-Pad.   


From 1984, John helped coordinated industry training courses related to the hand evaluation of well log data in Canada with Dr. D.W. (Doug)·Hilchie until Doug’s retirement in 2001.  Training was provided in relation to the interpretation of Old Electrical Logs, Basic Openhole Well Log Interpretation and Advanced Openhole Well Log Interpretation.



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