Well Log Analysis: Individual Well

Porosity Types

Single Porosity Log

Acoustic only
Density only
Neutron only
Other porosity

Shaly Sand Model with Neutron and Density
Complex Lithology


Processes included in the analysis:

Depth correlation
Crossplots to determine analysis end point parameters
Porosity and volume of shale analysis
Determination of matrix and fluid parameters if only single porosity available

Pickett Plots to determine Rw and ‘m’
Integrated analysis
Volume of shale
Water saturation
Apparent lithology dependant on porosity curves available

Net pay analysis
Incorporation of core data if available
Tabular net pay summary based on porosity and water saturation cutoffs

Analysis summary plot to reflect the available data and analysis request

Charges are in addition to digitization costs and normalization procedures.

$450.00 per well for setup and first zone analysis plus $50.00 per extra zone analyzed as determined from crossplot analysis.  For multiple wells, a good guide would be $450.00 per well plus $1.50 per meter of analysis per well. 

Two copies of the analysis summary plot provided as well as tabular net pay listings per well
Reporting related to the analysis is charged at consultant’s rates in addition to all other charges

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