Multi-well Log Analysis

To generate consistent analyses, a minimum number of wells with digital well log data must be used. Generally, 20-50 wells are required to obtain the necessary statistics, depending upon the thickness of the intervals to be analyzed. Normalization of the well log data is mandatory. Core data can be included depending upon availability. The analyses will be based on analysis parameters derived from contour crossplots of combinations of normalized well log data for each zone analyzed.

Costs are quoted on a per project basis.
Costs will include:

data capture (digital well log data, relevant core and reservoir data)
contour crossplot analysis
conventional well log analysis
core to log correlations
analysis summary plots
net pay summaries
discussion and reporting of results

(depending on scope of project)
statistical predictions

statistical water saturation
permeable flow units
acoustic logs for wells w/o acoustics
corrected density logs for enlarged boreholes
other predictors

polygon net pays
cross sections
data mapping
data points plotting and contouring
flag maps
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