Hitchner Exploration Services Limited (HESL) provides state of the art consulting services related to the analysis of digital well log data, petrophysical data, geological mapping and reservoir engineering studies. 

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HESL specializes in oil and gas exploration, exploitation and production applications and has expertise related to coal and coal bed methane exploration and production.


HESL has worldwide experience related to the analysis of well log data and related petrophysical, geological and reservoir engineering applications. The year 2019 marks the 36th anniversary of HESL in the oil and gas consulting business.


HESL uses the LOGMAP well log analysis, petrophysical analysis and mapping software package, which was in part authored by John Hitchner, the president and principal consultant of HESL.


LOGMAP is unique in that it is one of the few truly multi-well computer assisted well log analysis packages.  This software package has been under constant development, refinement and testing over the last 30 years. 


HESL services are quite unique, as you will come to understand as you investigate the information provided on this web site.


HESL Analysis Philosophy: Let the data talk!  No preconceived notions. Independent view/perspective on the analysis of the data.

HESL has developed a stable of multiple computer assisted analysis techniques and analysis applications unique to the industry that have stood the test of time. Investigate HESL Experience, major HESL Products or review summaries of some of the more unique projects HESL has undertaken over the past 36 years in the oil and gas consulting industry.  Contact us for more information

The heart of HESL analyses are based on crossplot comparisons with knowledge of the physics of the well log measurements and how these measurements relate to the rocks being analyzed.  HESL makes great efforts to make sure data sets are consistent before analysis without 'playing God' with the data.

HESL is not a plug and play shop. No office politics to shade results.

Rocks + Well Logs + LOGMAP + Experienced Analysts = Answers


TRUTH 101: Truth is that which is true - whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not. - Ben Swett


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Some of the services HESL provides:

Reservoir quality assessment and prediction

Petrophysical evaluations using unique software

Integration of petrophysics and petrography

Exploration and development using digital analysis concepts

Assistance in design of effective well logging programs


Polygon Mapping


Reasons why HESL should be your well log/petrophysical consultants of choice:

√ Principal of HESL has 46 years in the oil & gas industry, 36 years as a consultant

√ Worldwide experience

√ Integration of rocks and logs for reservoir quality assessment and prediction

√ Unique Analysis Applications

√ Computer assisted analysis applications under constant improvement

√ Independent Unbiased Consulting

Explore this web site and Contact us for further information.

P.S.: In most instances the cost of a twenty-well computer assisted well log analysis study over a given formation is much less than the cost of an openhole drill stem test.  Resolution of the analysis outputs of the study will probably save the cost of at least one drill stem test as well.


Now is the time to exploit the well log data you have or can acquire and use that to consistently find more hydrocarbons.



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